Monday, July 25, 2011

Craft Show

Well, the craft show has come and gone....I made so many new items to display and left half of them at home, but as you can see in the pictures, I was not lacking for items, I just didn't have the new ones...oh well, I did get one bracelet stolen....dang, and it was one of my NEW favorites.....I guess he needed it more than I 9 year old son saw an older gentleman slip it into is pocket.  The best part was that my husband and son joined the fun.  Rich is an awesome wood worker and sold a bit, not as much as he had hoped, but it was his first show and he is ready for the next one.  My son sold soda and water.  We made him make the purchases with his money and he did all of the work, but he also made the profits...we bought the leftovers, and he ended up making about $60 - not bad for a 9 year old.  I did sell some, but not near as much as what I hoped for.  I got many compliments on my display and gave out a ton of cards.  I am looking forward to the upcoming shows.  I have ordered a table runner with my new logo (designed by Infused Design) and pretty black plastic bags with my logo. Another fabulous highlight from this show is that I was across from Dotti (TrueSelfStudio) and it was her first show. Fun was had by all...

Here are a few pics of mine and Rich's booth.... 
(a vew of my booth)
(Rich's booth)
(my son)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smyrna Craft Show

Thank you guys for all of the great I joined Stumbleupon too!!!  YAY....I'm getting there....I am crazy busy getting ready for the craft show that I will be participating in this Saturday along with my husband that does woodworking (not on etsy) and Dotti from True Self Studio....if you are in the area - stop by and introduce week, I will have pictures from the are some new pics....(oh yeah...I'm having a crazy summer sale)

this one needs love:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does it all work?

okay, so I'm not a very good blogger....I'm more of a post and run...but for all of you "seasoned" etsy store owners...does it work?  does facebooking, twittering and blogging really work? 

~~~ anticipating your flood of responses.....

Necklace and Earring Set White Mother of Pearl and Black Bead

Necklace and Earring Set Southwestern Medium Brown Wood and Turquoise Glass

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