Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are you ready for some football.....?

Since a blog is a reflection of your thoughts at the moment.....I decided to keep today's post light and fun....My 9 son has started football for the first time. He has always wanted to play, but just never took that first step to doing it...his team is the Old Hickory I have to wear red and black which totally goes against my FL Gator, orange and blue nature...what we will do for our children....he he he....Anyway, he is doing great - he is one of the quarterbacks, like his dad, and plays defense nose (in the front line right in the middle)...last week was their first official game and they lost - poor Wesley played better than I have ever seen him...he truly put everything he had into that game - it was a difficult lesson for him to understand that we play as a team and either win or loose as a team. He is also a Black Belt Candidate in Karate, so in that sport, his individual efforts are rewarded likewise - the team sport was a bit more difficult to understand. He did finally understand and his comment to me was "I want to be the best player that I can be"....gotta love him!!!! ;o)

PS - he got #12 (like his dad)

Here are some pictures:

oh yeah...and I have added a lot of new items including detash this week...since I am 8 sales from the big 100....the next 8 sales will recieve a free pair of earrings (my choice)....


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newbies and BNR/BNS

Let me just warn you, this is not going to be a popular post....but I am still a newbie.(March 2011) and I have joined about 17 teams, some promotional teams and some BNR teams. I have been watching my analytics when I participate during events and I agree the views go way up...however, last night during our team BNR, I came in, attempted to participate in coversation and felt totally ignored. So I thought, why should I buy in, if they wont talk to me, why would they buy from me. I tried to participate in a BNR on Saturday and totally felt ignored.... I was actually featured in another BNR yesterday and it was real slow, so there was only three of us chatting, which was great, I made two new friends....very warm and, my question to all of the "seasoned" etsy sellers I off base? should I not feel ignored?


Friday, August 12, 2011

PromoFrenzy Team Sale Features 2

Here are some of the great shops that are participating in the PromoFrenzy Team August Sale:

jQjewelrydesigns Beaded Jewelry - Gemstone Jewelry:

CydorasWardrobe Children's Clothes and Accessories:

VerveColor: Drawings on Paint Samples



CindyDidIt! ~ Use PROMOSPECIAL to enjoy 20% off:


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mt. Juliet Shop 'till You Drop Event

So on Wednesday, I decided to join a local event for this Saturday - it was a benefit for a local pair of sisters whe suffer from Hunnington Disease. We had a huge storm Saturday Morning, and did't get a lot of customers. But, you know, that is okay - I was happy to donate to the cause and they had a feature dinner that I donated to as well. All and all, I sell able to sell some inventory, make a tiny bit, donate to a great cause and made some new contacts. I did a better job on my set up this time and didnt forget half of my jewelry (he he he)I ordered a table runner and some small plastic bags with my logo (designed by Infused Designs) that should be in for my next event. I cant seem to get my pictures to load, they look pretty much like the last are some new items in my shop:

My table runners come in the day of the show.....after it was is a pic of them...I cant wait to use them:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PromoFrenzy Team Sale Features

I am so excited about the PromoFrenzy Team Sale that I decided to feature a few shops every Friday...check them out...

Soap, Cream Soap, Bath Salts, Custom Soap Favors, Scrub

A variety of handmade creations for self expression

Bloom & Bling Accessories


SALE Unique Custom Jewelry Designs


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PromoFrenzy Team Sale

Soooo much excitement this week....I just found out about an event this weekend that I decided to participate in...(wish me luck), but the best news is the sale that the ENTIRE Promotional Frenzy Team is hosting....seriously, go to any of the great shops to enjoy a discount. Early Christmas shopping? use PROMOFRENZY to enjoy a 20% discount in my shop...