Wednesday, June 15, 2011


oops - here is the interview: where I will be featured in  a breakout session during the
" Women Business Owners' Opportunities Conference" in Jackson, TN on June 21

how long in biz?  I started making jewelry about 2 years ago.  A neighbor makes jewelry and we did it as a girl – fun – project – get together thing.  The first piece I made was a birthday gift for my Mother in Law and she loved it.
What made you decide to sell your talent?  I enjoyed making the first piece so much, I went to the hobby store the next day and purchased more supplies to make more and started wearing some of it to work…eventually my friends and neighbors commented enough that I decided to sell some.  I started selling at work – a piece here or there….nothing much….and ended up building an inventory so I started having "jewelry parties" at my house – which I did real well at and then came the craft shows….
How did you find etsy?  A friend was getting married and was telling me how she had found her wedding jewelry on etsy…..(she then had to tell me all about etsy….) but eventually talked me into selling on it….(I ended up making her wedding jewelry as a gift)…I was scared to sell on etsy at first – I wasn’t sure what to expect.
What is your ultimate goal?  This is a hard one…I am generally very goal orientated, however this started as a hobby, so I would like to make enough money to pay for the "hobby"  Ultimately could I sell enough to quit my job?  Maybe eventually – but it will take a while to get there.  I want to keep it fun… How do you plan to get there?  Right now one day at a time…..getting my name out there as much as possible…
Who and how have you received support from friends and fam?  I do get a lot of support from family and friends…..before going on etsy, I posted a bunch of pictures on my website and shared on FB where I got a lot of nice comments, which helped make the etsy decision easier.
What was you biggest challenge so far?  My biggest challenge is marketing – getting my name out there, driving people to my etsy shop.  and how did you remedy it?  (still working on the remedy)


  1. Great interview, Cindy ツ How wonderful that you'll be going to the Women Business Owners' Opportunities Conference!

  2. That's great! Your interview was great! I love getting some insight into everyone!

  3. uniquecozytreasures- Enjoyed the interview. I wish you much etsy success.

  4. Here's to taking your hobby from concept/idea, to Etsy sales, to success!

  5. Wow, what a great interview. Just keep plugging away, hope it's a great success for you.

  6. Great interview. Definitely up and coming.